A walking, talking conundrum.  An adult in childs clothing.

Flighty and fanciful, and still a begrudging romantic at heart I always believed that good things will just happen to me because I am a good person.  Na├»ve, I know.

Now, at forty-six, I still want to believe that anything is possible, that the knocks along the way are just preparing me for the next chapter.   I am like the proverbial puppet, sometimes my string goes slack and I falter but somehow I find a way to stop myself from completely falling in to a crumpled heap.

Having always loved a good story and believing that laughter is often the best medicine, I want to share some of my stories.  They might not always be amusing and they will always be peppered with profanities (who doesn’t love a swear word), they will just be about me and my life, which granted might not always be that exciting either!

Still, bear with me as I am very much hoping that good things will happen.