The Sunday of Summer

Well, here we are at the end of the holidays.

Currently, as in right now, it is Friday, the weather is still on whole really quite nice and we are making the most of our last few hours of sunshine in the garden.

Tom and some of his friends are having their annual bath and hair wash on the slip ‘n’ slide, the noise levels are ridiculous and the garden has been transformed in to a foam party. Elsie, who has suddenly realised that it is back to school on Monday, has started work on her textiles project, I think she thinks that by sitting next to me in the garden she will get some help and she is probably right! I do love a bit of arts and crafts.

I mention that she should probably have given herself a bit more time to create her new textiles masterpiece, as I am pretty sure this is not the only homework she has been given for the holidays. To which she casually replies that there are two whole days left yet Mother and besides NO-ONE does their homework in the holidays, EVERYONE leaves it until the end, otherwise what is the point of being on holiday? I started to try and tell her the point, but gave up half way through as it was falling on deaf ears and I could barely hear my middle aged, parenting self above the din of those bloody boys.

What is it about boys and noise?

They go together, like strawberries and cream & tea and biscuits, just not quite as nice!

They are though hilarious to watch, even though they are loud, shrieking, shouting and laughing while desperately trying to maim or kill each other in some way. All busy trying to find ways to trip each other up, karate kicking the parts that can’t be mentioned and constantly bundling each other until someone screams in pain. I can hear my own Mother’s voice ringing in my ears as I think to myself it will all end in tears but it doesn’t, thankfully. They just get bored after a little while and start to think of their stomachs and how hungry they all are and how it must be at least an hour since they had sustenance of some kind.

As Tom heads towards the kitchen in his dripping wet shorts, with bits of grass and half a ton of fairy liquid stuck to hair, I cut him off at the pass with a towel, which in all honesty is not much drier than he is but will at least stop him from leaving a trail of water through the house. Moaning and groaning like the typical teenager he is about the effort required to dry his feet, he stomps up and down on the towel before disappearing and returning again with a pitcher of juice, which I might add left a trail of liquid through the house anyway, as he tried unsuccessfully to carry the overfilled jug, with the plastic cups and half the snack cupboard, all at the same time to his waiting crew, who had settled happily on the grass, quietly. Food, works every time.

Tom is cooking this evening we are having a BBQ, just sausages and burgers nothing fancy and hopefully nothing burnt (including Tom), he has already BBQ’d twice this Summer and has even taken to cooking breakfast and lunches for himself, which is more than can be said for Elsie, who still think we live in Downton Abbey and a servant will be along shortly with her tea. Granted Tom is largely spurred on by his gargantuan appetite at the moment, but any movement is good movement in the doing things for yourself department.

Today feels like the last day of the holidays as tomorrow is Saturday and the last day of August, depressingly known as the Sunday of Summer.

Tomorrow will be spent making sure we have everything we need for school, getting bags ready, doing the food shop (a proper one with fruit and vegetables, not just a ‘yay, let’s get loads of snacks and binge eat’ one), cleaning the house… well it has been a few weeks since I have done any housework, with the exception of a quick trip around the floor with the hoover and once I get back to work I will be even less inclined to do it.

By the time you read this it will be Sunday evening and I really will be depressed.

There will be a last minute panic that we, or more likely I, have forgotten something. I will be stressing about all the things I thought I had forever to sort out and now have to do IMMEDIATELY. I will worry about whether we will be tired enough, to go to bed early enough, to get up early enough in the morning. There will be arguments over the bathroom (that is something I have definitely not missed), it’s crazy how Tom and Elsie are hardly the keenest kids to get in the bathroom but weirdly they always want to do it at the same time! Nothing will go as planned or as predicted because we have forgotten how to be organised and how routine works… it will be bloody chaos.

I will most likely lose my shit, several times, then calm down and then lose my shit all over again. Tom will go missing, right around shower time and Elsie will appear before me at five minutes before bedtime with some homework or other, or a stressful something will have happened on social media that she can’t deal with and then I will really know it is MONDAY tomorrow!

Elsie starts her final year with GCSE’s looming like a thunder cloud on the horizon and Tom is in his options year, God alone knows where we are going with that… and I? Well, things are pretty much the same for me, although I will be on a diet! #toofatformyjeans

However, let’s finish on a positive.

We have had a really great Summer, the weather has been mostly sunny and dry. We have spent time together and with family and friends, we have had lovely lazy days where we have barely moved, except to eat and drink and just enjoyed having the freedom to relax and enjoy and do whatever, whenever. It has been, for the most part, a perfectly lovely Summer break.

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