On the road again…

Just two weeks I was without a car and it felt like two months.

This week I will be back to running around here, there and everywhere and though I will often moan about the endless, drop offs and pick ups from here to there and back again, I am back in control of my life and that is the way I like it.

I am just very used to doing things myself.

It has been stressful being without a car and  just as stressful thinking about buying a new one. The insurance company did in the end, as expected, tell me to stop pushing my luck, take the increased offer and say, thank you, which I did. Then, for the last time, I hoped, all I had to do was hassle someone in to taking me to look at a new one. Well, when I say new, I mean new to me, not brand new.

Saturday was another bleeding horrible day, it was also my Sister and Brother-in-law’s wedding anniversary, which I hasten to add, I had completely forgotten, in my self-obsessed rush to look after number one! You would not believe that I have all this stuff written down.

Thankfully, they are very forgiving and agreed to accompany me on my car excursion (partly in a desperate attempt to avoid any more wailing phone calls from me and partly so they have a few favours in the bank), driving me out in the pouring, miserable weather, across Kent to look at a car.

I had previously eyed this particular vehicle up online, earlier in the week, it was a Mercedes A140, it looked fairly clean for its year, i.e. freshly washed and photo shopped and was just about in budget, give or take 50 quid. The ad said it had a long MOT. How long wasn’t specified, which led me to suspect that his long and my long were not going to be the same.

The thing is, I was pretty certain I was going to buy this car, unless it turned out to only have three wheels or when starting it up it back fired loud enough to wake the whole damn street.  I was keen, to get it and get on my way.  To be mobile again.

However, when we spoke on Friday, this was confirmed. The long MOT ran out in January, so at best around 4 months worth. Not even half a year. That is not a long MOT. “I’m pretty certain it will go through no problem,” he says.  Marvellous. Well, in that case, I will let you do that then and once you confirm it has passed, I will come and have a look at it.

I do not want the stress of a January (right after Christmas, longest month of the year till pay-day), MOT bill, thanks all the same.

I hope to have at least one years hassle free motoring. Is that too optimistic?

Everyone keeps telling me Mercedes are built to last and I bloody hope they are right.

I loved my Honda. It was reliable, a little work horse, that never let me down once and I really hope that this car, that has everyone oohing and aahing, every time I mention the M word, is the same.

To me it really is just a car. A practical thing that is needed to get you from one place to another with the minimum amount of fuss, but I have to say the car does look great on the drive.  My drive has a sunny disposition, unlike me at the moment and with the sun beaming down on the lovely metallic silver paint, it sure does look the part.

It was born the same year as Elsie, in fact according to the registration document the car is a few months younger than Elsie.

However, Elsie is blossoming beautifully in her 15th year, she may have even grown an inch or two, a rare thing in this family and she is turning in to a beautiful swan.  The car however, is showing some very clear signs that its 15th birthday is looming and if you look close enough you can see its wrinkles.  There is the odd spot of rust on the paint work and a wonky wing mirror which however you try to position it, you can only see sky, although I’m not sure if this is because I have to sit in the foot well to drive it and it is probably not as smooth as it once was, but I am falling in love with it slowly.

I have only had the car since Saturday and I have cleaned it already, inside and out and with a toothbrush no less. Not all over, I hasten to add, that would have just been extreme, but I have been in every nook that car has. It practically glimmers. There is nothing worse than someone elses grime. I can live in my own grime but someones elses grime is a whole other thing.

It’s the little things like the door pockets and all the buttons that have seen a hundred dirty fingers. Grime just collects in nooks and crannies, bits of dust and spilt this and that, fluff and copper pennies. Yuk!

I am still having adjustment issues. I keep forgetting how to do turn everything on and off, well everything except the bloody window wipers. I only have one arm on the steering column and so this is my go to stick for everything but it only does the window wipers so they are always springing in to action at a moments notice. I am still flashing people with my window wipers at the moment and don’t get me started on the heater settings, complicated doesn’t quite cover it.  I am not even going to mention how long it took me to adjust the clock.

Luckily yesterday was a sunny, warm autumnal day. The warmest October day for 7 years apparently. Oh, how I love a useless fact.

I took my day off, for a change and before I got sacked for being so bloody miserable and spent the day getting to know my new motor.

I’ve got all sorts of new things I have never had before like parking lights and cup holders in places where it would be most impractical to have a drink.  The doors lock automatically when you drive off, which I hadn’t even noticed until I stopped to picked my friend’s son up for school and couldn’t work out how to let him in.  Feeling like a right wally, I gave up in the end, going through the rigmarole of turning off the engine and using the key fob to unlock the door but I am prepared for tomorrow, I know which button to push.

The most important thing I have though, is my freedom back.   Woo hoo! 🙂

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