Mood board…

This may be short and to the point.

I am still playing catch up, mostly with myself.  I feel like the days are flying by, with me running along behind.

I can’t work out if I have dementia or my brain is just refusing to take anything else on board at the moment, or if that amounts to the same thing?  I have never been a fan of the post-it note but lately my life is full of them, my desk is littered with the things, a wall of cryptic little messages I have left for myself the next day.  Only trouble is the next day I look at them and think, what the bloody hell does that mean?

The post-its that annoy me the most are the ones I can’t dispose of.  The ones where I am waiting for someone else to do something, for example.  The IT man.  Over a week ago I reported a broken computer and two broken printers, among a few other things, not all IT related.  I was given reference numbers for all of these reports and they are still on my desk on little post-it notes because no bugger has come to fix any of the things I reported.

I have phoned everyday for an update and I will phone again tomorrow and the very nice man will tell me the same as what he told me today, that someone will call me back by the end of the day, but they don’t and I keep telling him they don’t and he keeps telling me they will but they won’t and in the end I will get cross and shout at someone and then I will feel bad but hopefully then someone will come and everything will be fine until the next thing breaks and we go through the whole process again.

I’m tired just thinking about it.

Things have settled slightly at school, particularly for Tom, who was pleased as punch today to report that he was fast approaching the end of the week with not a detention in sight.  The 24 hour XBox ban is going to be my new best friend.

Tom informed me this morning at around 7.20 am that it was his friend Emma’s birthday today.  “Mum, it’s Emma’s birthday have you got a card and a present I can give her?”  At this precise moment in time I was holding a butter knife and was now counting to one hundred before considering my response.  Still counting…

Miraculously I somehow managed to find a card and even more miraculously than that, a present.  A boxed silver heart mirror that I bought on a whim a while back and didn’t really know what to do with and so through gritted teeth I announced that yes, despite his very ‘man attitude’ to gift giving I did indeed have a card and a present he could give his friend and while he sauntered off to make sure his quiff was moulded in to place I would stop what I was doing and wrap it all up for him.  #sometimesiwantotkillhim

Elsie is all things birthday now.  With only 15 days to go, it is THE topic of conversation.  I am still in denial about all this growing up malarkey but it’s happening, whether I like it or not.  There have still been dramas about Spanish tests and mood boards this week but I am riding them out, or trying.

The buddies and I thought we might do our own mood boards, post-it notes of angry faces, a hangman’s noose and lots of black marker pen sprang to mind.  We are all going through this together, a joint mid-life crisis, perhaps we should co-own a convertible (we couldn’t afford one each) and start wearing double denim.  We need a drink and a vent but we can’t even get that arranged at the moment because of all this damn responsibility we’ve got going on.

Following on from my last post, quickly, I did indeed message Ivy.   The man amuses me and frustrates me, equally and at the same time.

After exchanging several pleasant messages about our respective weeks and both generally hoping that the other was having a lovely weekend and so on and so forth, I cracked and basically said something along the lines of;

Christ! Could we be any more polite? Good to know you are having a lovely weekend and I’m sure you are equally thrilled that I am to, but I was only really texting to see if we are going to meet?  I’m not very good at the whole silent, waiting thing and so in an effort to take the balls by the horn, what do you think?  Yes/No?   (or words to that effect).

To which he replied.  Yikes!

This did make me LOL a little, granted.

Without going into the whole conversation, which in usual Ivy style wasn’t very long but was very to the point, we arranged to meet.  Then in typical fashion I waited again until today for him to confirm that we are meeting tomorrow, as planned and we agreed a time.  We are going out out, again!


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