I am far too relaxed to be writing blog posts.

I can barely keep my eyes open.  It is warm and sunny still and it is well past 6 pm now.  It has been a weekend of not a lot really apart from chilling out, eating and drinking.

Friday the buddies and I went for a  drink after work.  It was the kind of evening where you could quite easily have sat there all night long, chatting and laughing.  More packets of crisps and nuts were comsumed than should be legal and the Vodka Tonics went down far too nicely.

There is just something about a pub garden in the sunshine.

Saturday Elsie got her shopping expedition.  Stupidly I thought that as it was yet another beautiful day people would have far better things to do than shop.  I was wrong.  The town was heaving.

If I could think of a hundred things I would like to do on a beautiful May day, shopping would not be among them.  I would go find some woodland with some bluebells, have a picnic maybe or go to Beachy Head and walk the cliff tops.  Maybe go outdoor swimming at the weir or just stick pins in my eyes.  However, there was no way I was getting out of this shopping trip no matter what I suggested in its place.

In all honesty it wasn’t so bad. It doesn’t take Elsie long to spend her budget and after only a couple of hours we were ready for refreshments.

It did dawn on me over the weekend though that I can not afford teenagers.  They are far too expensive.

I feel like Tom and Elsie are fairly good kids to be fair (at the moment at least) but my God the money they go through makes my eyes water.

Sunday Elsie decided to go to town again, with her friends this time.  Really?

Well.  I do wish you had mentioned that Friday love, I would have made you wait and saved myself some road rage yesterday.

Oh and what was that, you need some money?  Oh Yes, of course silly me.

I really am struggling to stay awake.

I wish I had an excuse for my tiredness but other than sit about in the sun eating and drinking and a half oiled deck, well it was far too hot for that malarkey,  I really haven’t done an awful lot.

I am still sitting in the garden with my feet up, feeling like I really should be doing something or checking on someone.  I don’t expect Tom has done his homework but I can’t even lift my bum to go and ask.

At the moment I don’t want to move from this spot, ever.


My spot…


I feel like if I just sit here long enough the day won’t end.  It won’t be back to work tomorrow and normal life will not resume.

I have been randomly chatting over the weekend on and off but mostly off.  I have dipped in and out as when I feel like it, which hasn’t been often to be fair.

I have been far happier with my nose in my kindle, which is much more interesting than trying to work out the mysteries of the male species, a tale I still can’t quite fathom.

I do feel like I might have had enough sun now, I feel a bit dry and itchy and I’ve had sun screen on.  After a hard lesson learnt a long time ago falling asleep in the Spanish sun I never go out without sun screen.

I much prefer pale and interesting to red bloody raw, thank you.

Well I suppose I had better go see what’s happening in doors.  Check the school stuff, make the lunches, blah blah.

Just five more minutes…

Normal service may resume later in the week!   😉

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