Over the rainbow…

It all started Sunday night with the howling bloody wind and rain storm that came hurtling upon us at God knows what time of night.

That was Monday off to a bad start.

I don’t think there can be much more rain left up there.

I woke to a consistently loud banging sound which turned out to be my side gate hanging half of its hinges, having taken half the fence with it and some of the border.  It had obviously been banging all night and in its constant battering of the post, had knocked that off the adjoining wall to.

Oh, so it was going to be one of those weeks was it?  Bring it on!

It was a miserable rainy day and a long one at that, when I finally arrived home at way past 7 pm it was looking even more desperate.  Almost as desperate as I felt.

Tuesday came and went without event, thankfully.  Although we did have the window cleaners in at work.  We have a lot of windows and an atrium so it is a job and a half and it seems a company has been contracted to clean them on a regular basis.  I clocked the window cleaner on my arrival, he was a handsome specimen, tall and dark with the look of the devil about him.  Young obviously, too young?  Yes, probably.

They were busy getting on with business.  Sometime around mid-morning I was summoned to speak to the tall dark devil, who had some trouble reaching some of the outside windows and thought he should let us know.

There is clearly something wrong me with me as I can not concentrate on the task in hand when confronted by a very charming and very good-looking young man.

He wanted to take me outside to show me the problem and who was I to refuse…

Quite some time later and after Charlie and I had become well acquainted he was on his way with a promise to come and service me again soon, sorry us again soon.

In my dreams…

Midweek saw some interesting new messages arrive in my mailbox.

It would be very dull and uninteresting for me to share them all at this point probably as the likelihood is they wont turn into much.  If they make it to the weekend then maybe I will have a bit more to tell.

The thing I find hardest about this looking for a guy thing is the habit of putting all your eggs in one basket.  Once you engage with someone it is hard not to become focused on them to the point where you exclude conversation with others.  It is not something you do consciously more subconsciously, I think.

Almost without thinking you are more relaxed about replying to messages from those who have not entirely won you over.  This happens more easily if you have exchanged numbers or are engaging on a chat app instead of the dating site, simply because you are online less once you have switched.

The danger with only concentrating on one person is that it is unlikely he is going to be the one and so while you are chatting for the obligatory amount time and sussing each other out, your other options are going cold.

It is hard to keep three balls in the air at the same time.

For example, last weekend I started a chat offline with a guy who seemed like he was everything I was looking for, it all started well.  He was making all the right noises and so we proceeded on to the next step, then he turned all peculiar on me and kept talking about being a wolf and I’m afraid he lost me.  He wanted to meet today but I am afraid my fear of being eaten alive kept the wolf very firmly at the edge of the forest.

That is how quick it starts and finishes.

Yesterday I found myself in a similar situation with someone else.  It had all started well and we seemed to be on the same page, he asked me lots of questions which I answered, honestly and we were progressing quickly.  A day later and things are moving quickly he wants to meet and I will of course, as it is important and the sooner the better sometimes I think but by Saturday it could all be over again.

I am always being asked if this bothers me and while it can be frustrating it is kind of how I expected it to be.  I certainly didn’t think I was going to find the man of my dreams with my first online experience, cranky I might be, stupid I am not.

I do enjoy it.  I love chatting, in an ideal world I would go out and about to socialize and meet new people and I do when I can but when I can’t I will enjoy it in other ways and it really is as simple as that.   Some conversations are hard work and some people can be difficult to talk to for lots of reasons but I like to think that the good out ways the bad.  Be positive, who knows what might happen.

The week is looking like it will end on a high which is always good news.

Today I came home from work to find that my garden has been magically transformed to its former beauty thanks to my Mum and Step-dad.  I can’t tell you how lovely it was to see my gate hanging properly, the fence fixed and decking all looking lovely and tidy again, not to mention the lawns being done and the general tidying and maintenance that was considerably overdue.  To say I am grateful is an undersatement.  I love you both!

One day I should maybe talk about my family.  By that I mean my Mum and how we ended up in our funny little family dynamic but it is a long and in parts sad story that will need its very own space

This evening was Tom’s consultation evening.  I am not going to lie, I was a little aprehensive but it was more good news.  Yay!

He seems to have finally found his brain, who knew, not me that’s for sure as he still doesn’t seem to use it much at home.  However, it seems he is finally settling down, his teachers were full of good things, he has the knowledge, he is much better behaved, overall and although still easily distracted (I think that is hereditary), he is trying and they are pleased with his progressed and a bit relieved, I think.  It must be quite a tiresome job sometimes.

His grades have improved slightly and they are confident that if he continues with this mindset he can only come on in leaps and bounds.  *punching the air

Tom himself seemed very pleased with his comments and engaged well with the teachers.  We both left happy.  I do hope it lasts.

Tomorrow it is one of the buddies birthdays so it’s after work drinks for us all.

We are determined to power through the day with no disasters and reward ourselves with a heavenly vodka or three as we glide disgracfully in to the Bank Holiday weekend!


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