The waiting game…

Warning!  This may be short.

It has been a quiet week so far…

Monday morning came around very quickly indeed, a bit too quickly to be fair and after a lovely long and very sunny weekend, I wasn’t ready for it all to be over.

What started with my very enjoyable and much-anticipated date with Cheung, ended with lovely catch-ups with some friends, a bit of gadding about and just generally enjoying what felt like the start of Summer.  It had indeed been a really lovely weekend.

The drag back to work on Monday made all the harder for it.

Fortunately the good weather never usually hangs around for long and by midweek we were plunged back into average temperatures for the time of year, along with a slight dusting of rain, so I soon re-adjusted.

Cheung phoned me twice Friday living up to his promise to prank call me often.  😉  He just wanted to tell me that he had very much enjoyed meeting me and he hoped we could meet again?  He said for me to call him anytime and let him know when I was free… Ummm…  Hold on a moment…  Weren’t you taking charge from here on in?   STOP making me make decisions!

I said I would call him, what else could I say?  It seems the ball is still firmly in my court.

After that, silence resumed again.

The funny thing with silence is the longer you leave it the deadlier it becomes.  You fall in to the shall I, shan’t I camp and it is a really shitty camp to be in.  For an indecisive person like me it is awful.

So to cut a long and not very interesting story short, I called him Monday evening.  It took some encouragement and the threat of violence from the buddies if I so much as dared to turn up on Tuesday having not completed my task but I did it.

He didn’t answer.  Don’t panic, he called me back.  Phew!  I did panic a lot in between actually.

We chatted, all was normal, we said we would try to meet at the weekend, chatted for a bit longer and now we are back in the quiet zone.

So I shall wait…

I don’t like waiting, patience is not one of my virtues, not that I have many.

The down side to waiting is that I am easily distracted, it will not take much to divert my attention.   The trouble with all this is that while you are talking to one person usually you are conversing with several others, it is just the way it works.  Much like buses, they all seem to come along at once.

I will meet Cheung again, of course I will.  Well I hope I will but who knows, for whatever reason it may not happen.  It is a waiting game.

I will not give up without a bit of a fight but I will need to feel that this, whatever this is,  is at least reciprocal.  Otherwise, what on earth is the point?

In other news it is Tom’s birthday Friday.  He made it.  Well he has almost made it, to the grand old age of 12.  Since his last birthday things have been a bit shaky to say the least.  I wasn’t entirely convinced he was going to make it to his pre-teen year in one piece, nevermind alive but he has limped on, literally.

He has an extremely long list of gadgetry he would like for his birthday, none of which is even remotely within budget.  However, he is going to get a new mobile phone as he has broken, yes broken, his second one.

If I have told him once I have told him one hundred times that his phone is right up there with his life in respect of value.  Life first, phone second, everything else a very low third.  You see the trouble is that kids can’t live without their mobile phones but they are incredibly expensive, so expensive that they can not just be replaced willy nilly.

If you are flinging yourself around on your scooter while trying to capture these highly technical moments on camera and you fail, you have a very important choice to make in an instant.

You, the scooter or the phone?

The phone comes last on the list!  A broken leg will mend, the scooter, which granted, was almost as expensive as the bloody phone can be lived without but the phone, NO!  I will not keep replacing your bloody phones because you keep throwing yourself off a half-pipe.

This is your last chance son, after this it will be a Nokia brick for you, for a very, very long time!  Instagram will be a thing of the past.

I cut Elsie’s hair this week.

I did not want to cut Elsie’s hair and I really tried to talk her out of it, to no avail.  Elsie does not like her new hair.  I knew that Elsie would not like her new hair but Elsie seems to forget that I am not a bloody hairdresser.

That awful moment when she looked in the mirror and I could see tears springing to her eyes nearly felled me.

I had only cut one piece of hair at the side but it was too short.  Of course it was too bloody short, only trouble now is you have to finish what you started.  She has always had fairly long hair and has always wanted a bob, now she has a bob she wants her fairly long hair back.  *sigh

Later after she and I had calmed down a fraction she said she felt marginally better about the whole thing.  “It doesn’t look too bad now I’ve got my eyebrows on,” she says.  If only you could draw hair on with a pencil too, we’d be laughing.

The weekend still feels like a very long way off.  Although I have just realised I only have tomorrow to go.

I have booked Friday out, just incase.  I live in hope that Cheung will arrive to whisk me off my feet, or at least meet me for lunch again.  Let’s start small.  Should I go white or Ivory?  *jokes

If not, well there is always plan B…





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