Hello sunshine…

It has been a beautiful weekend.  It feels at last like Summer is on the way and I for one can not wait.

I love the Summer, long days, sunshine and blue skies, being able to hang your washing out makes the house look less like a chinese laundry and more like a home.  It is one of the tiny pleasures of Summer.  For me though the greatest pleasure is coming home from work and being able to sit in the garden, to relax and unwind in the sunshine.  We often eat outside in the Summer and in the Summer holidays the rule book goes out the window, we laze and graze and play and have late nights and even later mornings (when I’m not working), we completely chill out.

This weekend has been a little taster of that, it was sunny and fairly warm and it just makes you feel better.  It lifts your spirits and gets you motivated.

Elsie I were on a mission to get things done.  Tom had disappeared off with his mates and we cracked on with getting rid of Winter and embracing Summer.  Changing the beds, hibernating the extra Winter layers, packing all the boots and coats up and moving the unused wood and fire supplies back outside until Autumn arrives again.  The windows were open and the music was blasting.

This morning even football was much more pleasant than usual because it was such a lovely morning.  It was an early start 7:30 am which on a Sunday really does need some motivation but it is so much easier when the sun is out.   Dare I say I even enjoyed it, basking in the lovely sunshine and not worrying about getting wet, cold and feeling more miserable than the weather and we won, hooray!

This week has been a mixture of work and play.

We went bowling on one of our play days.  We all love bowling, it is one of our favourite things to do, we are all quite competitive.  At the moment us three, that is Tom, Elsie and I are all getting along famously,  we have reached a point where we enjoy each others company.  They are both developing good humours and we all three of us love a bit of banter, it was great fun and we had a blast.  They are getting far to good at it now though and I do not like losing!

However a day (actually not even a day, just a few hours) out like this is not cheap, Bowling and lunch at a famous Italian American restaurant, along with a side trip to the supermarket on the way home for late night movie snacks and you can safely say goodbye to one hundred pounds.

The holidays are definitely becoming more expensive, especially with them having trips out with their friends to.

Tom has been wining and dining his new love in the holidays, she is in the year above him at school, so Elsie tells me.  He can’t have dated all the year 7 girls already surely?  Why can’t he stick to throwing himself off a half-pipe?  It’s so much safer than dating.  Besides, I can’t afford for us both to have a love life.

Talking of love lives, or lack thereof…

My last lengthy chat with Cheung was on Wednesday, he seemed particularly chatty and much more relaxed than on previous occasions, the night before we had agreed that we would postpone our meet until the following week.

On Wednesday he admitted to having a couple of glasses of wine and it definitely loosened his tongue.  He was telling me about his family, his sisters and the fact that he had mentioned to one of them that he was intending to meet someone.  He also mentioned that it had occurred to him again that he still didn’t have any idea what I looked or even what my name was.   He wasn’t sure he liked being on the back foot.

In the early days of our messaging I asked him if he wanted to see a picture of me but he declined saying that he liked the enigma of it all, he was happy for me to remain a mystery for now, I have never offered since.  However, I now felt I should offer again.

It is unusual for people not to request a picture. In fact most request one before they will even engage in messaging. Most assume that if you do not have a profile picture it is because you are married or you have something to hide. Most people do not take any time to read a profile, they see a picture and they decide, but if you do not have a picture or you have a quote instead or an image taken from the internet, then it is almost certainly a trap.

The most common message of all goes a little something like this:

Send me a photo. I know what you are looking for and I can give it to you. Don’t keep me waiting.

The last part is just so I know that they are quite clearly in charge, of course.

So while Cheung was three sheets to the wind I took opportunity to send him a picture, well you know what they say about beer goggles.  It had to work in my favour surely?  It was a right here right now picture, as I was at that exact moment in time, sitting on the sofa in a black jumper with my all day hair and make-up still just about intact.

While I waited for the reply to come it dawned on me that I should just add a picture to my profile, it has got to be easier than going through this rigmarole every time.  The wait for any kind of response is agonising, especially if you are hoping for a good one.  Often I try to send pictures quite quickly, not bothered either way as to the response because if you haven’t really engaged or you are not entirely convinced it will go anywhere it doesn’t matter but with Cheung it is different, for obvious reasons.

He liked it.  Or at least he said he did and I am happy with that.  Beer goggles or not!

It was late so I thanked him and logged off. The next morning I had a message to say that he was still very much looking forward to meeting me and he hoped I had a very enjoyable day.  I returned with the same sentiment and spent the day sitting on a little cloud in the sky.

Also on Wednesday, much earlier in the day I had a date.

Cameron is someone I had briefly chatted with a few weeks ago.  It was so brief I never mentioned it at all, to anyone but although our conversation was brief he hinted that he would like to meet.  He was a man of few words but lots of  *winkyface’s.

He gave the impression that he was looking for a similar relationship to me, I was not convinced.  However, we messaged on and off for about a week before agreeing to meet. He cancelled the first arrangement, then I cancelled the next one.  Then I forgot all about him, until he messaged Tuesday suggesting we meet the following day.  I agreed.

It was a pleasant hour or so spent in the local pub having a Tonic Water or two (driving again), he was nice.  People moan about the use of the word nice but it is a very adequate word, nice is good, it is certainly better than nasty and he was just that, nice.  He was quite forward but in a nice way, pleasant and certainly not rude.  He was funny and good company and there was a certain amount of chemistry.  I wouldn’t say I was hit by a lightening bolt but there was enough static to cause a bit of friction.

We talked about our interests and it seemed like we were on the same page.  We both said what we liked and how we would like the relationship to unfold, if and when.  We agreed that we were both ideally looking for a committed relationship in that we would see only each other and that we would have arranged time together to explore our interests it was decided that we would meet again, for a longer period, possibly an evening where we could relax a bit and get to know each other.  We swapped numbers and parted company.

Since then, I’m back in the not convinced camp as there seems to be a huge elephant in the room.

He has messaged but they are frivolous messages and they always come attached to a horny devil emoji.  He wants to meet but it seems he just wants to meet behind the bike sheds or behind anything really where he might get lucky.  I have tried mentioning that this what not really what we talked about but so far it has fallen on deaf ears.  His last message asked if he could meet me in my lunch break on Friday.

In my lunch break, where? In the car park?  NO! Go away, you are irritating me already.

I only have 30 minutes for lunch and quite frankly I would rather spend it with my buddies, thanks all the same.


6 thoughts on “Hello sunshine…

  1. nijntje says:

    Dining out in the yard, umm I like that! We have done so a few times but now that the boys are older I think we should make it a habit!
    Lovely imagery, too bad about Cameron, they say it ‘takes all kinds’ but I never have been sure as to why?!?! LoL

    Liked by 1 person

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