Snow day…

We are snowed in!

It’s true.  In these parts, we do not get snow often. The last snow that I can remember that fell as heavy as this, was in 2010.  That is how often we get snow.

Of course, we get occasional flurries of snow and sometimes the odd day of very, very light snow but we don’t get, heavy, full on snow, like we have at the moment, very often at all.

We are not a country that copes particularly well in snow.  I always imagine that other countries laugh loudly at us when they see our horrified faces and our cars in ditches.

They must marvel at how flummoxed we are by it every time?

Our public transport comes to a standstill, our schools are closed and our workplaces have no staff  in them because people can’t use the roads and we can’t possibly walk in it, what if we fall over?  We don’t have the stamina or the footwear!

Having said that, I am one of those who could not get to work today.  I feel actually quite guilty about this, as some people come further than I do and they managed to make it in. However, I do not own a 4×4 and I live in a very silly little lane, in a small village on the top of a very large hill.

I did not feel guilty about if for long though, as now, they are all stuck trying to get bloody home again!

If I could walk it, I would, for sure but I can’t, so I have to admit defeat.  It is not ideal and I will have to take it as holiday, which is even more infuriating to be honest, as I hate using my annual leave willy nilly.


Our lane.

I don’t normally use real pictures for my blogs but when they are as pretty as these ones today, why not?

The header photo, was taken this morning when Tom and Elsie tried to go sledging but the snow was too deep even for that.  You could barely trudge up the hill, never mind sledge it.  They are not small now and I didn’t have the muscle required to haul their arses up the lane, not like I used to.  Well, it was 8 years ago, since the last lot, Elsie was only 6 but at 14 she is a lump too far now, I’m afraid.

So, we gave up with that idea quite quickly and just went for a wintry walk instead.

A snowball fight and a blizzard half way round and we were soon ready for some warmth.

By the end of it there was more snow in the house than outside.

Tom has been in and out like a proverbial yo-yo all bloody day, he has gone through his entire wardrobe of clothes and is now sitting like a little pink prawn in his dressing gown by the fire trying to defrost.

He went out to build a snowman, came in, got changed.  Went out again to have a snowball fight with his mate, came in, got changed.  Then went out to try sledging, again, came in, got changed.  Then him and Elsie went out to build a snowman, came in, got changed.  Each time waiting just long enough for his gloves to dry and then he was off again.

I have a pile of wet clothes the size of Kilimanjaro sitting in the bath.

The thing with snow is, it is pretty.  It looks lovely, especially where we live.  We are off the beaten track and so it stays white and thick and beautiful.  It is still a massive pain in the arse though, truth be told.

Typically, I had booked the rest of the week off.  I had booked the rest of the week off as I have plans.  Plans to do things, to go places and to see people.

Tomorrow I am supposed to be going to a gig in London.  There is a small glimmer of hope that I may still be able to go and I am clinging on to that, for now.

However, it looks like we are in for more ‘snow days‘.  The likelihood is, that the kids will be off school, as more snow is forecast for tonight. *sad face

I also had plans to see Flash Thursday for ‘coffee’ and to meet some friends on Friday.   I never have time off on my own, it is unheard off.  I always use my annual leave for the school holidays because, I am a mum but I just thought this once I would have few days to myself.  Yeah right!

In other news.  Erm, actually I’m not sure there is any other news?

After Saturdays coffee date with Xavier the deal with Flash seems more and more appealing.

I like him.  He makes me laugh and he is very easily pleased.  It is not an arrangement that would suit everyone but it suits me.

I am still in peace talks with Mack, we have taken several leaps backwards over the last couple of days and I am becoming irritated by him, again.  It has been a month now since we started messaging, for the second time and we are no further forward.  I am bored and I have told him I am bored, he really doesn’t seem to mind me saying I am bored, he still just keeps trying… but trying to do what… I don’t know.

I am still chatting to Woodsman, who it has to be said is a bit grumpy.  His name seems to fit well, as he is small (yes small), dark and handsome, bearded and quite hairy, just how you would imagine a Woodsman to be.  He comes across grumpy in some of his messages and this makes me chuckle, as it just makes me happy to wind him up and watch him go.  He never fails to take the bait.  He does always give as good as he gets though.

He wants a no strings attached relationship, no shocks there.  However, he is single and has no responsibilities other than a job, which could mean that he will have far too much free time, compared to my very limited ad hoc time.  I am unsure if I will fancy him as I don’t usually do too hairy?  Jesus, I am fussy, I know.  I can’t help it.  I am really trying not to be, honestly.

My trouble is, I fancied Mack, I still fancy Mack.  Right from the off, he was, is, my cup of coffee.  He kisses like a dream and he is fit and although he is not what I would call handsome in a text-book way, there is something about him that I can not bloody shake off.

I am not so foolish as to think that this is any basis for anything,  or whether anything may, or not, come out of mine and Mack’s complex foreplay, we are too similar in some respects and that is why we don’t get anywhere.  We will neither one of us be the first to admit that we want the other.  We are both guarded and cautious and reluctant to say that actually, I quite like you.

For me, at least, it is endless and going nowhere but I have said all that before.

The sun is out and the snow is melting away a little bit, so there may be hope for tomorrow after all, not sure it will melt the ice inside me though.  😉







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