Lazy Sunday…

I feel like a lot has happened since I last blogged but I am not entirely sure if it is all in my head. Some of it I am keeping there, just for now!

It seems to have been a really busy few days and now we are at the end of half term, we have that gloomy Monday morning feeling looming over us.

Tom and Elsie are not looking forward to going back to school. After a week of gadding about and meeting up with their friends, as and when, even the social side of it has lost its appeal.

It’s hard to decide whether being back in the routine or actually having no routine at all is better? I love a week or two of having no set things in place, no alarm clocks and no rushing about but in the end you do need some order in your life, much as we would like to think otherwise.

So… let’s have a catch up:

Wednesday: It was Valentines day. I worked all day. It was I think, as far as I can remember, pretty uneventful. The weather was bloody awful. Tom had football training in the evening, which is always a bit of a rush. The training ground is on a fairly new development of houses, offices and the like, it is massive and the sports ground is right at the back. So far, every week, despite using the sat nav, we have got lost coming out!

This week was no different. Cold, tired, very wet and hungry does not make for a very patient Mum, whose sat nav keeps sending her the wrong bloody way home. Tom though has a marvellous sense of direction I have discovered. I find this quite amazing for a boy who can’t remember how to get dressed every morning. While I was busy swearing at the stupid sat nav, for taking us round in yet another not very scenic circle, he said, ‘Mother, just go straight ahead and then turn left at the roundabout’. He was right. Jesus. Don’t you just hate that.

Elsie had been to the cinema with her friends. They caught the train, she was a little nervous about this as she had never been on the train before, not without me anyway. She is not like Tom and lacks confidence in travelling, especially alone. She is a little anxious by nature and worries that all manner of things MIGHT happen. Like when the train is approaching a station, the station is not announced and all the platform signs have been stolen and no one knows where they are, that kind of thing. Bless her.

I try to play down her anxiety a little bit as I do not want it to get out of hand. I am not sure if this is the right thing to do or not? However, she does talk to me when she is anxious and I can usually reason with her quite quickly, so fingers crossed, once she becomes more confident these fears will subside. She is I think just a late bloomer in some ways and despite being 15 this year, she is still a little bit reluctant to let go of the apron strings, yet.

Thursday: Worked all day, Tom and Elsie were at home. The Buddies and I had a bit of a catch up at lunch. There are a few changes going on at work staff wise, some leaving, some having babies and our small little branch surgery is closing. Much to the annoyance of the villagers it looks after. I will probably have to come back to all that at a later date.

Mack and I were at it again. Well when I say at it, I don’t mean sex, obviously, just talking, or trying. I am not great at communicating and am very guarded and it seems Mack is the same so as you can imagine things are moving, well, they are not moving! Enough said.

Friday: Day off. Lovely. An afternoon with my sister, out for lunch and a bit of shopping, just a general mooch about really. This is joy for Elsie, who loves going anywhere she might be able to buy something but not so much fun for Tom, who hates shopping more than I do, although with the promise of some food and a new pair of Goalie gloves, for his first game on Sunday, he was persuaded to join in.

Mack is being very nice to me! I am suspicious. This morning I woke up to a very nice, very long message from him. He has been messaging me on and off all day, which is unusual… watch this space!

Saturday: I felt like a teenager, not because I am in lurve or because I am feeling footloose and fancy free, just because I woke up with a face full of bloody spots!

I never suffered with this issue as a teenager, luckily for me, as life is difficult enough when you are a teen but lately I seem to be more than making up for it.

I’ve got to say, I don’t much like it.

I had a party to go to. A posh party, in a Manor House, no less, and a face full of spots was not going to match my outfit! Not that I had decided what I was going to wear to said party.

I do not wear dresses. I don’t really do posh, well not very well anyway. I struggle to look elegant, maybe? I can look, chic, trendy, cool but elegant, no. I do not carry dresses well. I am short (I know, I may stop mentioning this soon, you never know) and do not have much shape. I am fashioned a bit like a piece of cardboard, flat but wide. Oh, what a pretty picture I have painted there!

Luckily, I do not have the personality of a piece of cardboard, otherwise I really would be in trouble.

I was very much looking forward to a night in a hotel, something I have not done, on my own, for a while. I planned to take full advantage of the time I had by checking in as soon as I was allowed. I also intended to have a very relaxed, glass of wine or three with my friend, while we got gorgeous! Well, it may take a while.

Tom stayed at his new football mate’s house as it was his birthday and Elsie went on yet another shopping spree with her BFF. Well, I say shopping spree she was on a budget as it has been a fairly expensive week.

Sunday: No hangover! Can you believe it? I can’t. I drank a lot and danced all bloody night long, in my ridiculously high heels (granted, my feet do bloody ache) but I feel absolutely fine, well so far, at least. It was a free bar. Always dangerous. The food was amazing and the place was beautiful, if a little antiquated in places.

We ended up in a double room as our original twin room was having a problem with the shower, apparently. However, I don’t think they realised that it seemed to be the showers in general, not just that particular room, as our shower was hopeless as well.

We also realised that neither one of us had packed anything to sleep in, so used are we to sleeping on our own, the thought never crossed my mind that’s for sure. Well, not until we saw the double bed, a very small double bed at that. It’s a good job we are very good friends as we were likely to be rubbing bottom at some point during the night!

We did have fun though, and it was just what I needed. This morning we had a gorgeous breakfast in the ‘garden room‘, smashed avocado and poached eggs, all washed down with four litres of very strong coffee. Delicious.

I made it back in time to watch Tom’s first football match with his new team, go Mum. He plays in-goal and although he was unsure about being a goalie to start with he is getting really rather good at it. It is a lot of pressure and he couldn’t handle it at first which is why he stopped playing for a while. He just couldn’t take it when he let the ball in and was always beating himself up about it but now he is a bit stronger. The other boys on the team are great and have really accepted him, the coaches are very encouraging and he seems to have fitted in perfectly. I am chuffed to bits.

After the match we headed off to collect Elsie from her friends and now we are home, lounging about, doing absolutely bugger all. Heaven.

A lazy Sunday afternoon before the mayhem starts.

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