My bloody valentine…

This is a blog entirely about Mack.  It may or may not explain my obsession with him.  I think it is a bit of an obsession?

It may be interesting to some of you and very dull to others, so I apologise if you fall in to the latter category.

Mack and I have something very odd going on.  For those of you who don’t already know, Mack and I have met, we very nearly had sex and then after, we had a bit of a communication issue, to say the least.

Much to my amazement, we are still talking.  I’m not even going to try to figure out why because to be honest, I don’t bloody know the answer.

Sunday, if you remember we had a brief exchange but I was in a really funny place Sunday and I just could not continue talking to him.  I exited the conversation after only a few messages and gave no excuses.

However, he lures me in, like a moth to a flame and last night we were talking again, this is how it went:

Mack: Hey Sexy, How’s you? Hope your week is going better than mine!! xx

Me: I’m good thanks. It is only Tuesday Mack, it can’t be that bad surely? Does it look like it will improve? x

He knows I call him Mack and he knows why, his name is not Mack.

Mack: Nope! Lol  It’s been mental since Sunday night!! Lol x

Oh, here come the bloody LOL’s again!

Me: Mental?  More definition required there!  Maybe you need to relax more. x

Mack: Just manic, job after job!! Lol   Yes I do, any recommendations for a nice way to relax? xx

Me: That’s good isn’t it?  You know what they say about idle hands.  They do say sex is good for relaxing, apparently it relieves all your tension once the endorphins are released in to your body.  Who’d have thought it? x

Ok, I know. Guilty, as charged!!

Mack: Oh really?  So you are recommending lots of sex? xx

Me: Well you asked for recommendations, that is one.  It is up to you how much, if any, you have.  Or if you choose an alternative relaxation technique.

Mack: Would you like to help me relax? xx

Me: Now?  Or in the dim and distant future? x

Mack: Well if you were here now I would happily bend you over my desk!! xx

Me: …… and I would happily let you! x

Mack: I am looking at my desk now and thinking how much nicer it would look with you on it!! xxx

Me: I don’t mind taking some notes for you or doing some filing.  Do you have a sexy secretary?  I have the wardrobe for it! x

Mack: I don’t, no!!  I need one!   A sexy wardrobe?? xx

Me: Maybe I should apply!  Well, let’s see.   I have pencil skirts, low-cut blouses, stockings, heels, so yes, I think I have everything I need. x

Mack: Oh really??  Maybe you should send me a pic of your sexiest secretary outfit so I can attach it to your application!! xx

Me: I haven’t applied yet!  I don’t know what the job entails?   Or if I like the boss? x


  • Looking sexy as fuck everyday!
  • Stop me from getting stressed.
  • Deflecting unnecessary calls.
  • Making good coffee.
  • When I need distracting, sitting opposite me with your legs parted and your fingers making you orgasm.
  • Filing
  • Tasting me on a regular basis
  • Taking messages (too rude…..!)
  • And when you think I need to relax, fucking me senseless!! XX

Almost jumping up and down for joy… Oh, don’t try to tell me that doesn’t turn you on!

Me: Oh. Wow!  That is an impressive job description.  I will be sure to consider it very carefully and make sure I can give it 100% before I apply (inside I am screaming I want it, I want it).   I do think it sounds like a very interesting position.

Then in a massive turn around I say..

I may have a friend who might be up for the job, she is not cheap but I can give you her number. It is 0898 .. .. .. I’m sure a man of your position wouldn’t mind paying for the best!! x

What the hell kind of game are we playing, is it me, is it him, is it both of us?

Mack: Not up to it then? xx

Me: With my eyes closed!! x

Mack: Oh!  So you just don’t want it? xx

Me: What would you do if I said yes?  Anything? x

Mack: Yes. I would re-request a picture of you in your sexiest secretary outfit to go with the application!! Lol xx

Me: Haha. Oh, fuck off Mack, you drive me nuts! x

Push me, pull me, want me, take me, leave me. The longest foreplay session in the history of the world!

Mack: Such bad language!! x

Me: Stop infuriating me then!! x

Mack: What now?? xx

Oh God here we go… another row!

Me: NO!  Not now, well yes now, but not just now, every bloody day you do it!! x

Mack: I can’t please you!! xx

Me: I’m not sure you are trying to!

Mack: Why not?? xx

Jesus, is it possible that we could make this any more difficult?

Me: You are vague at best. x

Mack: My thoughts earlier, to relax, were quite clear, I thought? xx

Me: Yes, I know you want sex!  Or stimulation, or both probably.   Or a bloody pen pal??

Mack: Both probably??  Well, No.  A pen pal is not ideal is it!  So I don’t want one of those!! x

Me: Do you want sex or do you want to be stimulated talking about sex?  Or both?  Do you only want sex?  You need to be clearer.  You avoid direct questions.  You asked me what I wanted, so I told you but you avoided anything in response and I do not wish to be your pen pal either!! x

Mack: I want both!!  Definitely both!! X

Oh, marvellous. Well, I’m so glad we cleared that little misunderstanding up! You think I didn’t know that already.

Me: Oh. I’m done with this conversation, or lack thereof!!  Night Mack. xx

Mack: Oh, right….. Night then!! xx

Me: (after a vodka) Oh my God, I so want to kiss you right now!!

Mack: Now THAT sounds good!! xx

Conversation terminated, by me, again!

When I started writing this post I didn’t realise that it would be published on Valentines day!  I mean let’s face it when you’re single you try not to think too much about the whole hearts and flowers thing.

It is only now as I sit here at about an hour before midnight on Valentines eve, typing all this up, that it suddenly dawned on me.

I am considering posting a blog on, Valentines day.  The day of love and romance, this blog is about a man who drives me completely insane.

Many times I have thought about blocking Mack.  I haven’t and I know I wont, well, at least I am in no way serious about doing it yet.  I get excited when he messages me. Foolish? Yep.  Naive? Absolutely.

I can’t stop that feeling though, it is just in me.  He is well and truly under my skin.  In my head.  I think about him a lot.

I find this in itself quite weird as after our initial meeting and my decision not to respond to his trivial messages, I actually didn’t think about him at all. Not once.

So, why now is it different?  Why can’t I get him out of my mind?

He more than irritates me but at the same time I love the banter, the overtly sexual flirting and his ability to make me smile, even without trying.

I am more than aware that I give off mixed signals, as you can probably tell by our last conversation.  I want him to know I want him but at the same I want him to know I don’t care if I can’t have him.


Sorry, could someone point me in the direction of a couch?

My heart is already tangled up, how heavily remains to be seen.  My mind though is still fighting against him.  Will I win?  I doubt that very much!

Happy Valentine’s…. ❤❤

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