The three amigos…

I have had a lovely weekend and it’s not over yet.

Friday night, out with the buddies was an absolute delight.  In an odd twist of fate our lives are completely entwined.  That may sound a bit dramatic but for my part at least, I feel like my life is better for having them in it.

We are very similar people, our personalities are slightly different but our demographics are very much the same, apart from me being the single one.

I have said this before but I love those girls like they are my sisters.  I am fiercely protective of them and our relationship.

I sometimes have to stop myself from interfering with them at weekends, as they, like me have children and family stuff to do, including husbands.  This can be hard as they are involved in my life in every way.

For example, they edit this blog but they not only edit it, they advise when I am unsure of a subject or I am unsure of how much detail to put in it. (sorry, one of the editing buddies here – note, our advice is not always adhered to!).  They are also heavily involved in my online dating debacle and are incredibly supportive as I lurch from one disaster to another.  They listen, they encourage and they make me laugh until my cheeks hurt.  I hope that I do the same for them.

We message a lot outside of work, mostly silly, ranting texts, stacked full of profanities, usually about life, work or my dating, anything really but sometimes I have to try not to text them, especially at weekends because I feel that they deserve a break from me.  They would never say this of course and I know that they are always there if I need them and so are a lot of my other friends but I just think they should have some time without me.  I can be quite draining, in a nice way obviously!

Friday night was brilliant.  It was just nice to have more than a 20 minute coffee break at work to chat.  We covered everything from the constant mini dramas at work to what we were like when we used to go out clubbing, the first time around.  It seems one of us was a bit of a brawler.  The one you would least expect too.

It is funny how you think you know people but really you have only just scratched the surface.

We are primarily work colleagues and so we don’t really delve in to our pasts and if we do it is fleeting and just to tell a particular story that might be relevant to the topic we are discussing at the time.  We don’t know about each other’s childhoods in the way you do your very old friends, the ones you grew up with.  Yet we have a bond that I am pretty confident will always be there.

I bloody hope so anyway.

It was a fab night, we talked and laughed and marvelled at the people of the town all out for a good time.  There is something incredibly enjoyable about ‘people watching’ and in one pub in particular there was plenty to watch.  We came to the conclusion it was a work doo and we all know what they say about work doos.

This was an eclectic group of people to say the least, varying in age and status, I would say but they were all very, very comfortable with each other.  There was a lot of lap sitting and fondling going on and it was all a little bit odd.  One girl in particular who was quite drunk seemed to be getting round the variety of laps quite quickly.   Some of the girls were young and some of the men quite old and most of them seemed to be wearing wedding bands.

Should I be in any way surprised about this?  Probably not.  I myself am having a fair few tussles with a variety of married people who are in the online dating game.  To be married these days seems not to mean an awful lot to some.  However, it did make us cringe to watch.  In that car crash TV kind of way.  Entertaining and a great talking point but a bit unnerving at the same time.

As we walked in to one particular pub in town, which is always busy, the buddies excitedly exclaimed that;  we might find you a man in here, babes!    OhYou think?

The barman was very nice but he was only in his late twenties if he was a day.  What is wrong with me?  Why do I only like the look of men half my age?  There has to be a reason for this, does there?  I need some bloody therapy or something.

This is getting really quite serious now.  Not only do I fancy anyone under the age of 40 and I’m being liberal there, it’s actually probably more like 35 and under.  I do think that if I continue with this online dating thing I really will need some therapy soon.  I am thinking quite seriously about taking a break from it all but obviously I can’t make any decisions about that, until I have consulted the buddies.

Before I finish, I should probably mention that L has stopped messaging.  Are we surprised by this?  Are we bollocks.

It was, as always, inevitable that he would get his kicks and move on to the next thrill.  I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed it because I have.  For as long as it lasted it was a surreal fantasy world and I have had a massive grin on my face all week.  It is hard to switch off from it but you have to for your own sanity.  So I have moved on.  The end.

Now, I’m off to my Mum’s for Sunday lunch and if that doesn’t make everything right with the world, then quite frankly nothing will.

Have a lovely Sunday.   🙂

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