Resisting the urge…

It is going to be a long week.

I feel like it should be Friday and it should most definitely be a Vodka night but I am resisting the urge, or trying.

As I write I have a glass of Tonic, yes just Tonic.  I am trying really hard not to put Vodka in it but I can feel my resistance wearing thin.

It has been a crazy week at work, it is like the marie celeste at the moment, the ship is still afloat, just but there is no sign of any crew anywhere.  It is still really busy and has been since we came back after the New Year.  I don’t honestly know where all the staff have gone, we just don’t seem to have any at the moment.

It has been a hard slog to get even to the middle of the week.

I still have the tail end of my cold but now the river has dried up. The snot is stuck now in the nether regions of my nose and won’t go up or down, it just stays stuck somewhere behind my eyes, blurring my vision, which is always handy when you have to look at a computer screen for 7 hours a day.

I feel like I have earned a Vodka, just for today alone but I can’t have one.  I can’t have one because I have got a cold and it will probably just knock me clean out but probably not before I have agreed to do something stupid with someone I barely know.  I must resist.

Tom is starting the New Year as he means to go on, with an after school detention tomorrow, here we go again.  You see why I am going to embrace the holidays now?  Roll on half term, when I can chain him in the back yard.  He thinks he knows what it is for but he isn’t quite sure and to be fair from what he was telling me earlier it could be any one of a number of reasons, so I will try not to be surprised if he gets a few more in the coming weeks.  Only 4 weeks to go!

Elsie’s turn for Food Tech this term.  Chicken curry tomorrow… she informs me tonight at 6.40 pm when I have just come home from work and passed by Tesco and Waitrose.

I’m still resisting.  Just.

The dating (or lack there of) is wearing a bit thin now too.  I am really, really trying to resist the urge to tell quite a few people to F*** off back into the dark, dingy hole from where they came.

Yet another reason why I can’t have any Vodka.

I tell you something, online dating does absolutely nothing to restore your faith in humans never mind men.  Last night when I checked my messages I had 9 new ones, 4 of those were married/in a relationship.

One of which said;

Hi, I’m married and looking to stay that way but I would love to have some sexy fun with you? Message me … (with a little winky face). 

Wanker.  I’m not quite sure what he was expecting me to say, probably something along the lines of;

Oh yes please. I would be so very grateful if you could use me for sex, you know the kind your wife won’t give you and then tootle of back to her in time for dinner and to put the kids to bed. You really are too kind.

Hold on a moment while I think some more about it.

No.  Thanks all the same.  I prefer my men with proper balls, the kind you get from being a big boy and behaving like a real man.

Do you think your wife will be grateful to you for sticking by her, while offering yourself out to woman on a dating site?  Do you think that she will be pleased that you slept with her and with others, probably on the same nights? Don’t you think you should tell her that you really couldn’t give a shit about her and that the only person you really care about is you and your needs?

Of course I don’t say all that.  What would be the bloody point?

The next message was from a thirty something or other, telling me that he is in bed and a bit chilly, could do with warming up he says… another winky face *rolling my eyes.  Get a bloody hot water bottle then babes, works for me.  Failing that you could always try putting some clothes on.


Message number three was from a guy who has messaged before, several times.  I have never replied.  I don’t reply in an effort to be mean I just don’t reply because I don’t fancy him, there is no point in engaging if you have no intention.   I tried it the other way, replying and saying the whole, thank you but no thank you thing but that doesn’t work either, they just keep messaging.

So my 12th message from him was;

Why don’t you message me back if you can be arsed?

I can’t be arsed, that is why I haven’t messaged you back.  Have you read the rules?  Sometimes people don’t reply to my messages.  I just naturally assume that they are no longer interested.  I do not want to hunt them down and kill them, well not all of them at least.

Well not until I have had a vodka.







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