Moving on…

Here I am in my usual place on a Sunday morning trying to write something remotely interesting.

I am, as per, drinking more coffee than is probably healthy, while eating cold toast and pondering over my weekend.  I still remain slightly baffled over the whole T thing but I am over it, already, I think.  Well, it doesn’t take long.  It is a fickle business this online dating lark.

Last night when I should have been on my date with T, I was instead sitting on the sofa with tissue stuffed up my nostrils to try to stop the flow of snot.  I have a cold.  I never get colds.  I woke up yesterday with a throat that felt like it was full of razor blades and a river running from my nose.  I felt and still feel shit.

It’s probably just as well I didn’t have a bloody date, actually scratch that, it’s a damn shame I didn’t see T last night, as I would have loved nothing more than to sneeze a bucket load of snot straight in his face.

I spent the afternoon watching films and stuffing my face with any food of calorific content I could get my hands on.  Well they do say feed a cold, don’t they?  I got all emotional and so I ate more shit, stuffed more tissue up my nose and tried my very best not to sneeze parts of my brain out all over the coffee table.

I’m sure I will be right as rain just in time for Monday.

Tom and Elsie are here as I decided to save my ‘sitter token’ for a time when I might actually need it, if ever.

Would you believe, Tom had a date yesterday!  Bloody marvellous isn’t it, my 11-year-old son has a higher success rate with the opposite sex than I do.  The sad truth there is, that statistic is only going to grow in his favour.

I don’t know he does it, he looks like a street urchin most of the time.

He barely washes or brushes his hair, which incidentally he was supposed to get cut Friday, before some debacle or other happened to him and his mates, which inevitably led to him NOT getting it cut.   I had zoned out half way through his tall tale about what happened and how he nearly lost his life and scooter blah blah blah… and so he couldn’t possibly get it done… Grrrr!

One thing is for certain, he will definitely have that, just rocked up and just out of bed look when he is older and the girls will swarm like bees around a honey pot!

Just the sort of guy I am trying my best to avoid at the moment.  Although in all fairness I am not having to try very hard, as they are not exactly beating down the front door.

My first thought was to give up on all this for a little while but I’m not going to.  I’m going to keep plugging away at it and see what happens.  I haven’t got anything to lose, that I havent lost already and to be fair I have learned a few more lessons of late (some a bit sharper than others), so hopefully… I will be a better equipped for any future engagements that may come along.  Well, one can only hope.

Besides, I am a great believer in Karma.  I think we all are to some extent, we like to think that what goes around comes around.

It is what hopefully stops us from being too resentful.  You hope that if someone does you a wrong, that they in turn will get the lesson paid back.  I like to think that there is a place for Karma.  I don’t want people to unnecessarily suffer, just to learn a lesson from their behaviour and or actions.  I don’t think that is unreasonable in any way.

We are all responsible for our own actions and so if we are intentionally unkind or hurtful then surely we should expect to receive treatment of the same kind.  All of our feelings towards others are earned not given and if they are given freely and rejected then that makes it all the more painful.

I am sincerely hoping that someday soon T gets his just desserts.  It doesn’t matter that I wont see it (although I can’t say I wouldn’t like to),  just that he gets it and served cold, as they say that is the best way.

Right enough about T.  The man has had too much time spent on him already, so there will be no more mention of him, from this moment on.

It is still early on in the New Year and so I can still feel optimistic about what it may bring.  Besides, there are much worse things that could have happened, so I am putting my big girl panties on and facing it off.

Well, after I’ve shaken off this God damn cold…




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