Be nice…

What a week!

I don’t think anyone knew Christmas was coming.  They all forgot.  Even though it comes at the same time every year and we all, most of us anyway, have the same things to prepare and remember every year, they forgot.

This week at work has been bedlam.  If I was made of less sterner stuff I would be looking for another job right now.  The amount of germs that have been sneezed out, coughed up and breathed all over everyone has been shocking, It’s a wonder we have had any staff.  As it is we were running on pretty much empty.

Skelton staff that to be frank didn’t look much better and we were certainly not feeling the spirit of Christmas.

Worn down by an endless stream of people with runny noses, chesty coughs and the old-fashioned favourite of Diarrhoea and vomiting.  Gone are the days when people who felt unwell stayed in bed untill they felt well again.  Oh no, now they want a cure for their ailment and they want it quick and they especially want it before christmas.

“I don’t want to be ill over christmas” they say, No love nor do I so I would appreciate it if you would take yourself back home and go to bed before you share it around a few more hundred people.

There are some things in this world that are a given and one of them is that at some point, usually when you least want it or have time to deal with you be ill.  A heavy cold or a flu or a sickness bug.  If you are a generally fit and healthy person this will not kill you.  However, I might, if you bloody well give it to me.

In an effort to rekindle our christmas spirit today, the last working day before Christmas, we donned our festive jumpers, tinsel and hats, put the christmas songs on and battled it out.  We were going down fighting.  With smiles firmly in place we waded our way through a years worth of emergency prescriptions (you know the ones people forgot because it’s Christmas), we reassured all the people who need to be reassured that were going to live past Boxing Day, that they would get a telephone call from a Doctor and it would be before the end of the day but we couldn’t unfortunately give an exact time as it was quite busy today (oh yes it’s Christmas isn’t it) and we smashed it.

The other thing I noticed about today was that people forget to be nice at Christmas.   It is after all the season of goodwill.

It has always amused me that people forget one simple thing that could make getting what they want so much easier.  Just be nice!

If you are nice and polite to the person you are speaking to, they will in turn be nice and polite back to you. However, if you are rude and aggressive, we will still be polite (because we have to be) but we will not want to go out of our way to help you with something you have forgotten to do, if you are unnecessarily rude.  Why doesn’t this make sense?

Be nice.  It helps, honestly.

I still have a few things to do myself before Christmas, the least of which is to sort Tom’s bloody stocking out, which as you know is nowhere near as burgeoning as Elsies.  A last minute dash to town tomorrow is filling me with dread.  I don’t want to go.  I don’t want to be anywhere near anyone tomorrow.  I have had my fill of people for at least 24 hours but I will go because I have to and when I am there I will not be rude and snappy to anyone even though currently I feel very rude and snappy.

I need a good nights sleep.

This morning I was awake at 5.30 am.  WTF!

I am texting again.  Serial texting does not make for a good nights sleep, we have been here before.  It keeps you awake too late at night and I don’t know if it is just me but it seems to disturb my sleep.  I wake earlier than usual, much bloody earlier and dont seem to sleep as well.

I enjoy texting but am now wary of texting because of previous experiences.  I don’t want to get too involved by text, meet them and not like them but you know what I forgot… It’s bloody Christmas, so the chances of me getting a date this year are slim to say the least and so now we have to text well in to the New Year just to keep the momentum going,  it is hard work.

I am trying to text three guys at the moment. M, 40 from a bit too close to me,  T, 42 from London Town and P, 43 from Kent.  They all seem nice in their own way and conversation is going well with all of them.  If I had to choose one right now, for a date, it would be T, he is my ‘cup of tea’ looks wise and makes me laugh, or at least he did.  He does seem to be getting a little bit serious as the texting goes on but time will tell, if I make it.

M is harder work of the three and conversation is quite serious with him too, not much LOLing, which after my last blog I suppose I shouldn’t complain about really.  P is probably the most down to earth. He jokes a lot and his text are cute, funny and chatty but he is cocky with it, not sure if that will become annoying

It is hard texting all three and I feel a bit weird about but they literally all arrived in my inbox on the same day, we exchanged a few messages and they all had something I quite liked, so we swapped numbers and now here I am juggling all three of them and trying to decide who to go on a date with first.  Of course, whoever I pick it will be the wrong bloody one.  That goes without saying.

My main concern is that actually I will get bored with all three of them before we even get close to a date.  I am trying to message now while I am writing this blog and I am really finding it quite tiresome.  I am tired though now and so I think it is just because I am not in the mood but unfortunately you can not, not, be in the mood, when you are in the online dating game.  You are expected to be in the mood all the time, day or night whenever your phone pings with a message you should automatically turn on your womanly wiles and let him have it with both barrels, unfortunately mine are misfiring currently, I just want to go to bed.  On my own.

Never thought I’d say that anytime soon.

I am though, nice.  I can’t not be, it’s just not my way.  Besides I am hoping to get at least one date out of all this in the New Year.  I have been very nice this week after all.  I’ve earnt it.







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