Sorry but Pft is about all I can muster until I have had more coffee. Sunday morning, again. Where does the week go?

I am only on my second coffee, up early again, why I can’t sleep at the moment is beyond me. I have never had trouble sleeping. To say I am finding it a tad annoying is an understatement.

I am falling asleep quite quickly, no trouble there but I’m just waking up so early. I was sooooo looking forward to a lie in yesterday, I was almost giddy with the thought of it. What time was I awake? A quarter to bloody six. I don’t get up that early on a week day!

This morning I was awake at 6.30 am. I look dreadful, this has been pointed out to me at work this week. I know, it’s the last thing you need isn’t it, usually when you look dreadful, you know you look dreadful, the last thing you need is everyone pointing out the fact that you look dreadful!

Luckily I have skin like a Rhino and I know they mean well, bless them.

Tom’s week has been far worse than mine though. The detention debacle got out of control, culminating in a far from satisfactory phone call from the school, only half admitting that they had got it all wrong. Quelle suprise!

Wednesday, late afternoon at work I received another email to say that Tom had an after school detention, this time for an hour, the following day, Thursday. Fuming, doesn’t quite cover it.

I did not bother to reply and waited until I got home to speak to Tom, who as I suspected was none the wiser. I then fired of an email to the school for more information. I can see a pattern forming here.

I politely but firmly stated that Tom would not be attending an after school detention the following day because it is too short notice and I have no idea what the bloody hell it is for because, quite frankly, your emails are useless!  If he needs/deserves a detention then I will require more information and more notice and perhaps I could be so bold as to suggest; you might like to include some of this information in your emails to save us from going backwards and bloody forwards like a yo-yo?

Anyway to cut a long story reasonably short and to avoid sounding like a broken record it turns out Tom didn’t have another after school detention Thursday, they just weren’t entirely sure he had turned up on Tuesday to the after school detention, that it turns out he wasn’t supposed to be on either.

During our rather confusing conversation on Wednesday, she asked me if Tom attended the after school on Tuesday? Er, who out of the two of us should know the answer to that question? He wasn’t in my care at that point he was in yours? FFS!

Trying very hard to refrain from swearing I confirmed that yes, I had indeed picked him up at 3.45 pm as required in the email and that he came out of school building, covered from head to foot in pen but I naturally assumed that while he had been drawing all over himself he was actually being supervised during this period and whilst it was not an entirely educational 45 minutes it had served it’s purpose, in the fact that he had done his time. What he learned from it is beyond me.

Oh, says the lady on the other end of the phone. Well it looks like there has been a misunderstanding. No shit Sherlock!

After more investigation it turns out that the first after school was indeed for the lunchtime detention (late to English) that he did attend and the second one was for the afterschool Tuesday that he did attend and so in actual fact he had no need to attend either of the aforementioned after school detentions. With me so far? I’m glad someone is.

The school it seems are far from with it at this point. Tom has had his behavioural points revoked and his status has returned to not a naughty kid just a generally confused one.

Later that same day I had another phone call from the school.  That sinking feeling I get when I look at my mobile and see it’s the school is still very much there.

This time it is the SENCO, for those of you not familiar with this term it is the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, she informs me that during Math Tom had a small meltdown and now they have discovered that he may have Dyslexia. Oh, what marvellous news!

Will you be phoning me again at any point today, if so I may need to nip to the shop first for some alcohol.

Dyslexia? Really? Would I have noticed that? Should I have noticed that? You mean he can’t read? I would have noticed that wouldn’t I?

Clearly not. No wonder Great Expectations has had us both wanting to hit the bottle.

She explained in a very lovely way that they had noticed he was struggling. Often spending too long trying to read worksheets and struggling to keep up in class. Today when she questioned him in Math he broke down and said he couldn’t read it properly the numbers and letters were all over the page. It didn’t make sense.

In that one moment my heart sank and I felt so sad and a little bit ashamed. How could I not have known?

She told me that they had given Tom a sheet of pink overlay to try on his worksheet and it made him so happy he almost started crying again. At this point I am a crumbled heap of emotion in the corridor at work. I’m almost crying for him. I just wanted to see my boy.

When I saw him later he was so happy. I thought he would be a bit angry and upset but no he was full of the joys of actually being able to see properly, or to read properly at least. He was marvelling at his piece of pink overlay and the amazing difference it was making to his reading.

We had a good long chat and I asked him why he had never said anything. He said he didn’t want everyone to think he was stupid. He also said that he doesn’t want to be treated differently. I laughed out loud at that. I said, you are dyslexic not ‘special’ you will be treated the same as before. I will still be yelling at you on a regular basis because you leave your clothes on the bedroom floor, you annoy your sister at even given opportunity and just because you are just a normal 11-year-old boy. Irritating. I do though, still love you to the moon and back.

Moving forward I have been learning what I can about Dyslexia, it’s amazing what you don’t know about these things and hopefully life as we know it will improve, especially for Tom and especially at school.

You may be thinking that Elsie has left home, she hasn’t. She has just been Elsie. Getting on with things with no real drama. School for Elsie is easy, which to be fair is quite a relief. She is an easy child. I am not counting my chickens as she may well turn in to the teenager from hell at any minute but at the moment that is looking unlikely, sensible little thing that she is, so I am definitely making the most of it.

They are both out today and so I have a date…

I am meeting M 45 from Kent, I think I may have mentioned him previously, we have been texting. We are going for Sunday lunch. I am more looking forward to the roast dinner than the date but you’ve got to keep slogging away or stay single, which to be fair seems like the better option at the moment!

Had a surprise text from T yesterday, remember him; 37, sweet but not my type, lol. You see that is the trouble once someone has your number they have your number for good. He wants to be friends? Why? I don’t know.

He is sweet but has a lot of time on his hands, no kids, no responsibilities, I think he still lives at home, although I’m not sure about that. I don’t have any objection to being friends apart from the fact that it is usually near on impossible to be friends with a bloke that fancies you. I would struggle just the same if the shoe were on the other foot. I have tried being friends with someone I fancy, we ended up sleeping together, end of friendship. It just makes things awkward.

I don’t think I would sleep with T, unless I was drunk. I do not fancy him in that way but sometimes the fact that you don’t fancy someone doesn’t necessarily stop you. Especially if you are feeling lonely, had a few drinks etc etc.

I’m not suggesting that all it takes is a few vodkas and I will drop my drawers, those days are long gone. 😉 However, circumstances can lead you to situations and before you know it you are in to something you are not entirely sure is for the greater good.

He seems like a great guy and he really deserves to find that someone but he isn’t going to if he is spending his free time being friends with me!

There is so much more I wanted to say today but I have run out of time and word count. I don’t want to waffle on for hours and lose you all so instead I will endeavour to try and make myself look half decent for my date.

Wish me luck. 🙂







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